Oops!… I made a mistake.


Who doesn’t make mistakes? We all do. Sometimes it is a silly one and other times grave ones. Silly ones are the most embarrassing. Often it is not even a mistake, it is just that the situation gets out of one’s control. We get laughed at and mocked for a while, until people forget about it or in some rare cases the mocking can go on even for a lifetime!

It is only human to err. In fact, making mistakes is so important. Why important? Because we learn from them! Do we need the lesson at the cost of the embarrassment? Actually, Yes!  It’s important we get embarrassed once a while and know how to come out of it. We have to learn to laugh at our self and dust the embarrassment off and continue with life taking just the lesson with us. Like it’s said, “It’s better to say ‘Oops’ than to wonder ‘What if’?” It’s better to try and fail than not to, only because of the fear of making a mistake. Certainly, making numerous mistakes or progressing at turtle speed is anytime better and way ahead of every other person who isn’t trying. Or rather, the ‘you’ that is trying and learning from your mistakes is far better that the ‘you’, who isn’t trying at all!

It’s absolutely necessary that we don’t repeat our mistakes. We are free to err as many times as we want, but we have to make sure that each time, we come up with a new mistake and in turn, a new lesson to learn. Every mistake is an opportunity to make something more beautiful!

Every blunder can be eventually converted into a wonder!

Happy Learning!

Thank you for reading!


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