Happy Valentine’s Day!

heart colouring

The phone rang and 68-year-old Anne who was sitting by the window gazing at the sky lost in thoughts, turned. The phone was in the other end of the room. Anne paced to receive the call, wondering who it could be. It had been 10 years since John had left her alone and moved to the heavens. They had no children. Theirs was a wedding without the consent of family and so, there was no family member who could call.  She picks the phone, however, and answers,

Anne: “Hello”

Caller: “Happy Valentine’s Day!” said an excited young lad.

Anne rather surprised and confused, “Who is this?”

Caller: “Happy Valentine’s Day to you!” This time, the little boy said it slowly and clearly with a chuckle at the end.

Anne didn’t know what to say to this little boy who was wishing his valentine. She smiled and said, “I’m sorry young man! I think you have dialled the wrong number! I am not the person you are looking for.”

Caller: Sighs, and says “I’m calling you to wish you a very Happy Valentine’s day!”

Anne had her face and heart filled with happiness to an extent that she even blushed. Her wrinkled cheeks grew pink. She replied, “Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! May I know the name of this gentleman to whom I’m talking?”

Caller: “Thanks for the reply! You made me wait too long but at least you wished me. Well, I’m Sam”

Anne didn’t remember any Sam. “I’m sorry Sam. I do not know you! Maybe, you have dialled the wrong number. I am Anne Mathew.”

“I know I’m talking to you, Anne. You know me! I just live two houses away from yours. You have seen me play with my friends. You never asked me my name. Anyway, I’m Sam and I’m 10 years old! I asked my mom if I could celebrate Valentine’s Day with you and she agreed.” explained Sam. “Now that my mom has agreed, I called to wish you and to tell ask you if you would be my Valentine.”

Anne was lost in thoughts. “Anne, would you be my Valentine?” repeated Sam.

“Yes Sam, I would love to!” said Anne. Who on earth could refuse little Sam! “Great! I will meet you in the evening for a date, be ready Anne. Bye. See you! ” said an excited Sam with a chuckle and he disconnected the call.

Anne was left smiling, with no option. This was indeed the best thing to do. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a cute little 10-year-old kid. She was left wondering if it was real or just a dream!


“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” Loretta Young

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” Hubert H. Humphrey

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank you for reading!


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