“Holy Cat!”


A group of 4 friends decided to go on a road trip for the weekend. All four were equally excited and packed their bags. On a Friday afternoon, they loaded the car and jumped into it thrilled and looking forward to the adventure.

They had hardly gone far, when a big black cat, appeared from nowhere, right in the middle of the road. The guy driving the car panicked and hit on the brakes hurriedly screaming “HOLY CAT!”. The car stopped with a jerk and a huge ‘THUD’ sound. Though he tried his best, the cat did get hit. Luckily, without getting much hurt it ran away with its life.

One of the friends sitting in the back seat commented “What a giant black cat it was!” and another “Yup! Black Cat! Bad luck!”. All four of them wondered what bad luck the cat would bring!


Just because it’s a black cat that crossed their path and they had a preconception that it is related to bad luck they panicked and in turn, the cat panicked too. In its state of panic it reacted (ran, jumped or just crossed their path). Now in this case who had bad luck? Was it the four of them or the cat? Was it actually bad luck or an unfortunate incident due to panic? Such thoughts can eventually get one into not so good situations. All we need to do is mind our thoughts! Poor thing, not just did it get hit, but it also has to bear the tag of being THE GRAND AMBASSADOR OF BAD LUCK!

We never know, maybe it just saved them from a major accident, by the delay it caused!

“Never judge a book by its cover”

Or rather,

“Never judge a cat, by its colour!”  

Thank you for reading!


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