The Blogger Recognition Award. (Late post!)

To all my lovely readers!

It is indeed very kind of dearest Malini to have nominated me for this wonderful award ‘The blogger Recognition Award’. I would first want to apologize to Malini for being so late in coming up with this post! Malini…please accept my sincere apologies! I was away from the blogosphere for around a year, and only resumed this year, afresh! I hope, I will be around for long this time and will not disappoint my readers!

Also, I want to thank you, Malini, from the bottom of my heart to have thought of me as a possible nominee for this award. Thanks a ton! I am truly honoured! This award is a recognition and motivation to keep learning and sharing through this blogging community.

And for those of you who don’t know Malini, she has an awesome blog filled with yummy organic recipes called, ‘Malini’s Space- It’s all about my organic interest’ ( She has also shared her thoughts and experience about her other interests too (travel, hobbies etc). Do stop by her blog and explore it!

Now, back to the award! Yes, I would now flaunt the badge



Blogging has been an awesome experience. I began with no specific aim, simply wanting to explore the blogosphere. Now, I realise, it’s a small universe on its own! There is so much to learn! Each and every blogger has something very unique about them and the lessons they share is never-ending. This journey so far has been a very knowledgeable and fun experience.

To all the new bloggers out there, welcome to this world! I am sure you will enjoy, learn and share just like all of us out here. My best wishes to you! And to the entire blogging community, thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful thoughts through your posts!

A million thanks to all of you!!


Note: Kindly click here to know see the nominations and the rules for this award.


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