The Fight!

A short story with a simple message. You fight with the people you love the most because those are the people WORTH FIGHTING FOR. But every time you fight, choose your words with care as , “There are words in your mind and mind in your words.”  After all, as Lou Holtz puts it, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond to it.”  So act wise! 🙂

Early Sunday morning, Annie woke up and turned around to look at Mike who seemed asleep. She fondly stared at him. Within a few minutes Mike opened his eyes. ‘Good morning Mike!’ Annie said. Mike closed his eyes again and said ‘Go make coffee..go go go!’.

‘Mike!!! I said Goooood morningggggg!’ Annie reminded.

‘I want coffee!’ Mike demanded. His eyes still closed.

‘Go make your own coffee then!’ Annie said irritatedly.

Mike opened his eyes and said ‘What’s it with you Annie? Why are you getting irritated about making coffee?’

‘Because I don’t want to make!’ Annie retorted.

‘Okay! Fine!’ Mike got out of bed irritated.

That Sunday started at a wrong note leaving both annoyed.

Meanwhile, Annie took her diary and started writing.

“Mike is so selfish! All he wants is, his needs to be attended to. What is his problem! Couldn’t he have wished me a good morning? All he is concerned about is his coffee! So selfish! So what if I’m his wife? It’s almost a year since we’re married. Can’t he, for a change make it for me?   Doesn’t he ever feel like starting the day with me or spending some time with me? So rude, so mean of him! ” She sighed in anguish and closed her diary heavily.

When she looked up, to her surprise, Mike was standing right in front of her, holding two cups of coffee. He offered one to Annie. She took it with a smile. They had their coffee together and soon forgot about the fight altogether. The Sunday ended on a very happy note quite unlike the way it started.

Later the same day, Annie opened her diary again. She read what she had written earlier the same day. She immediately grabbed her pen and started writing again.

“Note: Written in absolute anger over a silly fight! When read later, it doesn’t actually make any sense! I mean, this proves how blind anger is. He is not even a fraction of what is written here. A slight change in attitude can affect such big deal. I mean, I can see that I willfully put a blind eye over all the affection, care, love he has been giving me all this while! He makes it a point to discuss and explain every detail in his scheme of things. He tries his best to never leave me alone. He does all that he can to make my day better. He makes me feel so special. He genuinely supports me and encourages me to go after my dreams. He bears with all my mood swings, laziness, anger spurts, tantrums, everything! Nobody in this world would take this version of me, but he does, that too with utmost love! I’m so blessed to have him in my life! I’m an asshole to have written so negatively about such a gem!”

She gave herself a spank on her forehead, smiled at her stupidity and closed her diary. She then thought to herself “Do I even need something like this in my diary? Why to save a negative opinion of my dearest people when I know for sure that it is my imagination because of a slight change in my attitude! I do not want to associate Mike with what I had written in the morning nor do I want to remember it ever. I would rather prefer counting my blessings instead.”

Annie opened her diary once again, tore the paper and threw it in the bin. She felt so relieved!

‘Annie, it’s getting late, time to sleep!’ Mike called out.

‘Coming!’ she answered and happily closed her diary.


Thank you for reading!



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