What a life!


A thousand friends online on facebook chat

But not one, to sit beside, face to face and chat

So many of them pining on WhatsApp

But none to come home and enquire what’s up?

Thanks to the internet! A click and millions of friends appear at high speed,

But how many are there in person with you at the time of real need?

Life brings us to different destinations for a living

This life is eventful yet empty; are we really living?

I hope we go back to the times

When friends were real, family was near and life was life indeed

When we spoke to people and with kids sang rhymes

Had time to play, sing, dance and read!


“Social media is an amazing tool, but it’s really the face-to-face interaction that makes a long-term impact.” Felicia Day

Thank you for reading!


  1. I’ve been longing for more physical vicinity friendships for a long time, even before social media became so prominent. I feel it is our busy lives, with people so stressed and dealing with economic slavery, so not taking the time to engage in person as much as in the past.

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  2. It is like most things…there are always several ways to look at an issue. I agree that social media has taken over too many people’s past-time, and in some cases lives. People are glued to their smart phones and social hangouts. We need more person to person conversations. We are social beings – that means that we need real human connection. But at the same time, we can reach out to so many people with things like…blogs! It is so much easier to get our points across to people around the world. The key is moderation. I set a timer so that I won’t spend too much time digging around the internet, including my own blog.

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    • I can’t agree more with you! Moderation is the key indeed. But getting carried away is so easy. It is really commendable that you time yourself while online. That’s a great thing to do! I doubt if there would be many people like you. I guess the day all take a conscious and determined effort to balance their time on and off screens, life will have much more value!
      Thank you so much for sharing your views and ideas! I really appreciate it. Have a great day! πŸ™‚

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  3. Exactly ! Awesome writing !
    In the advance of technology, what people are constantly loosing is themselves and their peace of mind. they have confined their lives to a small screen. Using technology isn’t bad, over using it is a problem…afterall ,wordpress is also a social app:)

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