At work!


He is over a year old at his workplace

He’s there every day yet it feels like a new place

The work is absolutely exciting

But colleagues are rather uninviting

Pre-occupied with their own responsibilities

There isn’t time for tea-time chats or fun activities

Engrossed in work, he once ignored nature’s call

At the end of the day, he couldn’t hold back the downfall

To the loo, he rushed

Got the job done and flushed

And while he turned to get away

The door behind him opened, to his dismay

He froze in sheer embarrassment,

The other guy failed to react in the predicament

This incident, with his colleague, was indeed awkward

But he made a friend in this situation, untoward.


“Sometimes you need to be awkward to beat awkwardness.” – Charlie Flynn

Thank you for reading!


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