My pillar!


You have been there in all my ups and downs

Making me believe that I can earn every glorious crown

When the world made me feel like a clown

When I felt unworthy and felt everybody’s frown

You held me close, stood by my side

Cheering me up, every single time I cried

You encouraged and strengthened me while I tried

In every walk of life, you have been my true guide

Lighting my mind, enlightening my soul

You put together my shattered pieces and made me whole

When life gets berserk and out of control

You equip me with courage and confidence to move toward my goal

What would I have done without you, oh my dear mother!

When you are by my side, there’s nothing I need to bother

Your place, in my life, can be taken by none another!

I pray we are forever together!



“God couldn’t be everywhere, so he made mothers!”

Thank you for reading!



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