Every decision you make in life has an effect on your life. No matter how insignificant it may seem, it does play a role, if not immediately, definitely later. This makes us realise that making decisions in so important. From dawn to dusk, we make hundreds of mindless decisions and this is so very upsetting that all of them will have an effect on us!

Now, since making a choice is so important, how do we effectively choose? Many decisions can be made by logical analysis and/or reasoning. But there are these certain aspects in our life, where we go absolutely blank! We simply stare, not knowing what to do!

Why does this happen? It is probably the fear in us that knocks down our brain. It is the fear of making a bad choice, the fear of failure, the fear of getting mocked, the fear of change etc. But in spite of them, we mostly make a decision anyway, because we simply have to! Remember, NO decision!!!, is a decision in itself too! It is mostly these choices that we regret later.

The trick here is to not feed the fear in you, rather feed your passion! Decide to do what you would enjoy the most and if you can’t, then turn your choice into an enjoyable experience. Fill yourself with love and gratitude and stand by your decision passionately. Wear your smile and march-forward and your decision won’t go wrong. Even if it wasn’t the best choice, you won’t regret it. You would rather be more open towards the entire enriching and knowledgeable experience. Therefore, in both cases, you will emerge a victory!


So, the next time you got to decide, choose to feed your passion and choose to smile!

“Sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you make the decision right.”― Phillip C. McGraw

Happy decision-making friends!

Keep smiling!


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