Now is the time!

Now, this very moment, this second that ticked

It’s gone, forever much before we even noticed

Little, did we know

That it was bestowed

With the key to glee unlimited!

We neglect the ‘now’ aiming to outreach

And worry about a future utterly out of reach

Forfeiting the present under the pretext

That we are working for the future that’ll come next

The pursuit for the future goes on and on

Until in the end, all time is gone

We’ll realize we’ve been machines all this while

Toiling day and night without even a smile

Wasting this precious life without living

The tiny moments, right from the beginning

Now that we know that we were amiss

We can’t afford even a second to be missed

As only living in the ‘now’ will turn life into a bliss!

Thank you for reading!

I gave my life to learning how to live. Now that I have organised it all, its just about over! – Sandra Hochman.



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