Limerick Superstar!

Dear Friends!

My recent post on ‘Purpose of our Birth” won the title of the ‘Limerick Superstar‘ in  “The weekly Limerick Poetry Challenge“. It is hosted by Rashmi, who has a beautiful blog on ‘Mind and Life Matters‘.

Thank you Rashmi for this badge! 🙂 and Congratulations for hosting such a wonderful event, that is so much fun and inspiring! 😀

Here is by badge! 😀


There’s a form of poetry called limerick

To write one, you ought to know the trick

5 lines long, is all it should be

Rhyme between lines 1,2,5  and 3,4 is the key

A perfect blend of rules and concept should definitely click!


For all those who would like to participate in this challenge, you can find the details here.  Trust me, it’s really fun! Moreover, donation to local charity is made in the name of the winners!

A good blend of loads of fun and a good cause! What more can we ask for!

Thank you for reading!


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