Human Behaviour

What do we want ?

This question can have a very wide variety of answers. It could possibly be answered with a long shopping list. Maybe some of us would come up with their bucket list or the list of places they want to visit. There could be quite a few of us who would want happiness or peace or even love. It’s even possible that some of us would just want to learn something like music, dance, art or maybe get a degree or even a PhD!

In that case, all that we want is to either fulfill our desires,  acquire emotional stability or satiate our thirst for knowledge. One or all of these aspects, depending upon our want, is predominant in our thoughts and these thoughts in turn mold our behaviour, making us the person we are .

This is where we need to be cautious. We need to be careful regarding our desires and emotions. Moreover we need to aim at gaining knowledge, in the form of complete understanding of things going on around us, and not partial information. Incomplete knowledge is like a harmful weapon and in turn a threat to humanity. We need to simply light up the darkness of ignorance with the light of awareness.

Our desires should be the kind that instigate societal progress and not the kind fed by greed or selfishness. Spreading emotions of happiness, peace, brotherhood, love should be our aim, not hatred, jealousy or greed. Knowledge should be acquired by one and all in the light of awareness, credibility, reasoning and sensibility.

The vast ocean of human behaviour is filled with the waters from the rivers of thoughts originating from three sources namely desire, emotion and knowledge respectively. It is our moral responsibility to keep it pure and serene by not letting polluted thoughts into it.

This post is inspired by the Quote :

“Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge” – Plato.

Thank you for reading!


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