Lost….. and found!

He gave up his false ego and embraced a life of modesty

He stopped being abusive and learnt to praise with honesty

He learnt to overcome his anger and discovered a calm corner within

He killed his greed and in him was born benevolence towards his kin

He threw away the bitterness in him and began to savor life’s sweet tang

He shed his insecurities and saw the peace in the guard of one’s own loving gang

He gave up his domineering nature to enjoy the realm of humility

He shun his ignorant existence with the light of knowledge and sensibility

He gazed at the mirror to see what stared back, from within its frame

He was delighted to see that he was no more the same!

He evolved into a man of purity and now could proudly call himself a positive being

He lost his former negative self and Β found a transformed and true “Human being”!

Thank you for reading!

This poetry is in response to the Limerick Poetry Challenge.Β It is conducted by Rashmi, who has a wonderful blog called Mind And Life Matters.



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