Daily Dose Of Inspiration!

Hello Friends!

Are you feeling a lack of inspiration to get started with things? What about having a ‘Daily Dose Of Inspiration‘ right in front of you, on your workbench?

I’ve come up with a super easy do it yourself (DIY) craft, which will not only help as an organiser but at the same time it will also inspire and encourage you to do your best!

Yes, I’m talking about a simple pen/pencil/colour pencil organiser made of any box that’s lying wasted! Lets get started.

Requirements: box (could be a milk carton, or any other cardboard box)

  1. Take a box, cut it to the required size to hold your object  (pen/pencil..)
  2. Decorate it with your most favourite/inspiring quotes! (you could either write them down yourself, like I did or use a printed version)

That’s it! Your daily dose of inspiration is ready! 🙂

Here’s how mine looks!

Pen stand: I used two quotes, one in the front side & other at the back.

Make your version of your daily dose of inspiration!

Have fun!

Thank you for reading!



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