The Pain!

He heard her scream

It was loud and real, not a dream

He ran to her

On the moment’s spur

“The pain” she said with a slur

He knew what it meant

To the hospital they went

With both her hands her belly she held

And all along the way in pain, she yelled

Until into the labour room she was propelled

For hours he waited  anxiously

When the nurse came, he looked curiously

 “It’s a baby girl!” with a smile, she declared

He held the little angel in his arms and lovingly stared

A moment of immense pride the teary-eyed  parents shared

The pain was no longer there

There was only love in the air!

Thank you for reading!

This poetry is in response to the Limerick Poetry Challenge. It is conducted by Rashmi, who has a wonderful blog called Mind And Life Matters.


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