Cherished Memories

Hello friends!

A memory diary is a very simple and perfect, do it yourself (DIY) gift to anyone who is close to your heart. You could gift it to your best friend, parents, husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, your children or even to yourself! Now, since “Valentine’s day” is coming up, you can definitely consider a memory diary as a gift option!

Not only is it an awesome gift but is also very simple to make and the fact that you can add your personal touch to it, makes it even better.

This diary, should be a collection of all the good, happy, lovely times in one’s life. The basic idea is that of cultivating a habit of writing down the good things that bring happiness in your lives. This helps one see life in positive light. Recollection of good times also gives the strength to sustain and overcome difficult times.

All you need is, paper!! 🙂

  1. You first need to decide the number of pages you wish to have in your diary. Cut and align the pages in the shape you want your diary to be.
  2. Decorate your diary (NOTE: leave enough space for jotting down the good times, that is the main purpose of the dairy!) You could decorate as you wish. Stick pictures, write pleasant quotes, draw, paint, etc.
  3. Punch holes and tie all the pages together with a fancy ribbon!

Your diary is ready!! 🙂 🙂

I would like to show you a diary that I made.

IMAG_2079 1
This is the front of the diary
These are a few pages of the diary

Hope you got an idea on how to go about it. Now, add your imagination and creativity and go ahead and make your beautiful diary!

Have a great day!

Thank you for reading!



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