It was midnight. She finally completed reading the 5th novel of the ‘Shivers’ series by M. D. Spenser. She simply couldn’t wait till the next day and that’s how she ended up awake so late. With a sense of satisfaction she closed her book, took a deep breath and looked at the alarm clock on the side table. It showed 12.05am. She kept the book aside. She knew it was time to get some sleep. She had a very busy day coming up. School, followed by her piano class, finish her assignments, play with her friends, and lot more, just like any other 9 year old!

Her room was a small one. She was sitting on her tiny cozy bed, aligned just next to the slightly open window, allowing in the cool breeze. She switched off the lights and grabbed her favorite blanket.

girl_suffering_form_anxiety.jpgShe noticed the curtains fly, but today, there seemed to be something wrong! The curtains looked wild as they blew. A strange feeling of someone standing near the window crept in. She told herself, ‘It’s all my imagination!’ She pulled her blanket right over her face and prayed ‘Oh God! Help me sleep!’ and closed her cute big round eyes. Suddenly, she jumped and sat upright on the bed and pulled her legs close to her. She blurted ‘I felt somebody trying to pull my legs! It felt too real for me to be imagining!’ She took a deep breath, ‘Be with me, God! Give me courage’ she turned the lights on, got down from her bed and looked around. She couldn’t find anybody there! She bent down and checked below the bed. ‘Nobody’s here! Who touched my legs?

She sighed ‘Yeah! Read more horror novels at night!’ She went back to bed. The moment she closed her eyes, creepy thoughts started popping in. She heard weird sounds.  Her dolls in the showcase murmured, the door to her room seemed to creak, she heard footsteps approach her, her teddy bear in the corner shrieked. She opened her eyes with a jolt, perspiring and shivering in fear.


She wanted to get rid of these spooky things! She ran towards the door, opened it and headed out. She tiptoed towards the other room and peeped in. Her parents were fast asleep.

She climbed on to their bed slowly, trying her best not to make any sound. She squeezed-in between them with mild movements.  She gently put her hand around her mom but wasn’t comfortable enough.  She tried moving a little to make more space. To her surprise, all of a sudden, she had plenty of room to lie comfortably. She turned and hugged her dad. The next moment she felt her mom’s hand hug her from behind. She soon fell asleep. Her eyes were closed but a smile was evident on her face. She knew that she was in the safest place on earth where no evil can ever harm her! She slept peacefully.


Thank you for reading!



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