Three Day Quote Challenge: Day 3

A warm welcome to all, to the final day of the Three Day Quote Challenge!

I must say, that this was a beautiful experience. It was indeed insightful and at the same a great learning experience which left me contemplative.

My sincere thanks to  spiritualjourney17 for this nomination! I gained a lot and also did have fun!

Here are the quotes for today:

Day 3: I would like to quote”Albert Einstein”.

Quote 1:

Albert Einstein Quotes

This one emphasizes the importance of FAITH being greater than one’s FEARS!

Quote 2:

Comments to 28 Famous Albert Einstein Quotes

A strong message indeed! We ought to believe in your abilities and qualities and nurture them!

Quote 3:

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow_ The important ___

Life is a learning process. Always keep your thinking hat on!

Please Note:

To find out about the rules of this challenge kindly visit my post- Three Day Quote Challenge- Day 1

The nominees for today are:


marcum healthy

Pedalling on Regardless

Thank you for reading!



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