The Mist!

She headed towards work in movements, swift

Checking the time on her delicate wrist

Β And when from the watch, her face, she lift

Startled she was to find herself amidst

An early morning winter mist!

Its beauty doubled with the early dawn sunlight

It made the tree in the corner look so bright

Giving it a magical radiance of golden light

Making her smile with awe and delight

Leaving her spirit raised to levels infinite!

Thank you for reading!

This poetry is in response to the Limerick Poetry Challenge.


  1. As I read this poem, the impression was of someone pleasantly surprised, which brought immense joy. Thank you for nominating “The Oil of Joy” for the Liebster Award. I often say that the Lord doesn’t want us shaken or shocked, but He does have “pleasant surprises” for us along the way. Your nomination was one of those pleasant surprises. May the Lord continue to bless you and keep you. Joy!

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