Slow down your pace!

Wake up, pack up, dress up and tie your shoe lace

Run! Run! Catch your bus and get into the race

Laptop, tablet and cell phone are right in front of your face

As you march, left-right-left, towards your workplace.

The warmth of the sun

The snow and the fun

The divine beauty of the cloudy sky

The raindrops like pearls

The breeze that swirls

The magical twinkle of stars so high.

The blooming flower and the falling leaf

The heavenly woods and the coral reef

The varied fauna and its offspring

The innocence in children, mankind or any other thing

The chirping birds and butterflies

Even magnificent waterfalls fail to fall before your eyes.

The race and its pace have blindfolded you

Keeping you aloof from nature’s marvelous hues

It even, forcefully, made you bid adieu

To the beauty of nature all around you.

Slow down your pace, wait and gaze

I bet you will be left with no words to praise

The beauty of everything around, no matter old or new

 And, trust me; you are sure to enjoy every single view!


Thank you for reading!

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