My friend

Friend you are my treasure,

To be with you is my greatest pleasure.

You are, but my twin soul,

You make me feel complete or whole.

You are my true mirror,

Helping me discover the error.

Friend you are my companion, true,

Making all tedious trips, safe and joyful along with you.

“You are most unique, precious and valuable” is what I would state,

It is being far away from you that I most hate.

I am deeply obliged by your help, love and care,

Dear friend, I must tell you that you are among the rare.

What can I do, in return, to all that you have shared?

All that I can do is keep you always in my prayers.

May the Lord bless you with everlasting joy, happiness and cheer,

And may you have Him with you in all walks of life, my dear.

Thank you for reading!

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