My Parents


My parents multiply my happiness a thousand fold,

It is only around them, that lays my whole world.

It is them, who, my life have mould,

With immense love and care, in His path, which they uphold.

They have always been my friend, philosopher and guide,

I have always found them, in all my ups and downs by my side.

They have always encouraged me to explore different sides of myself,

By perseverance and continuous improvement in comparison to onself.

They have led me to the path of spirituality,

Taking me closer to God and his divinity, through good deeds done in reality.

They have discovered their world and their happiness in that of mine,

And have always given up for me, their treasures, pleasures and time.

After years of toil when they are growing old,

I would like to tell them one fact untold.

That, it is only them, in this world, I love the most,

And want them forever with me at any cost.

I must have, sometimes, shown disobedience, for which, now I regret,

And hurt them unintentionally, leaving a wound in their heart, I fret.

But, I very well know, that my parents, Lord, are an embodiment of mercy,

So I pray to Thee, to grant them the strength to take it easy.

Bless me Lord, that I be able to fill their life with satisfaction,

By my purposeful and persistent deeds and actions.

My parents are the deities in our little temple called home,

And me, their devotee with utmost hope, faith and devotion towards my loving Dad and Mom.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Thank you so much Kerol. You have made my day! I was so very hesitant to put up a blog, thinking whether it will make any sense to anyone. I am really overwhelmed with your kind words! Thanks again! Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

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