Wait until the right time has come

Wait, and the darkest night will go and bring in the big bright sun

Wait and the seeds you have sown will turn into plants that are fully grown

Wait and these plants will give the sweetest of fruits that you will own

Wait for the spring to set in and the colourful blossoms, spreading their fragrance will bloom

Wait for the monsoon to come and you can sing, dance and enjoy the rain soon

Wait and all the obstacles in your life will be gone

Wait and the ray of hope, faith, love, joy and peace will be shown

Wait, for you will own every single element, you rightfully earn

Wait for you are sure to reach your destination even if the path is full of weird twists and turns

Wait and all your prayers will be answered one by one

Wait, for all that He wants is ‘patience’ to be learnt by His lil’ ones

So just wait with a clear picture in your mind of the final destination

And while you wait your train is sure to reach the desired station

Thank you for reading!


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