Wait no more!!!

Waiting has become a habit

A habit I’m beginning to enjoy

One that I look forward to

And one that is becoming a part of my life

The end result of this wait, though unknown

The process, though full of pain and anxiety

It is giving me joy unbound

I’m afraid that I’m gradually getting addicted to it

This addiction, I don’t know, for how long it’s been there, but for now

It is taking me to the places unseen

It is telling me the tales unknown

It is making me feel the unfelt

All at once! But.. how? I don’t know!!

I know, I very well know, that this is not what I’m here for

But I’m being carried away by the fantasies of this fairy land, forgetting what I’m waiting for

Its consequences frighten me

Because I know this wait will not prolong long

Before I know it will be over

And the fantasies I’ve experienced will all be gone

The present, the reality and the truth will strike me hard on my head

And I will regret it, all along in the voyage called life till I reach my death bed!!!


Thank you for reading!

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