I can!!

I know I can, I know I want to

But somehow I’m here, not doing what I have to

I’m wailing away my time, I’m mourning in pain

For no good reason, God! Have I become so insane!!

I know I can fly, I know I can touch the sky

I know I’ll find You, always by my side

Why am I confused? What am I worried about?

Why don’t I just, leave everything up to You my Lord!!

I know You’re here, I know You’re there for me

I know Your love, I know You care for me

I am Your child, I am Your little one

When I have You by my side, then I need not fear anyone!!

Thank you for reading!


    • Thank you so much! Your comment really means a lot to me! I’m very happy that you could fine some inspiration in my posts. I really hope your children like and benefit from it. Have a lovely day!


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